Bull versus bull-fighter results in human death

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On live television, and in front of a cheering crowd, a Spanish matador was fatally wounded by a bull.  According to Saturday’s BBC News, 29-year-old Victor Barrio was knocked down and then gored in the chest by a bull named “Lorenzo.”

The incident happened on Saturday in the town of Teruel in Aragon – the grievously wounded professional bullfighter was rushed to a hospital, but he could not be saved. Matador deaths are rare – in fact, the last time that a bullfighter was killed was over three decades ago, reported the Chicago Tribune.

Barrio’s widow, 32-year-old Raquel Sanz, took to Twitter to express her grief – she Tweeted, “‘Thanks to everyone. I cannot reply to you, I have no words. My life has gone, I have no strength, although I have a lot of thanks,” reported the Daily Mail.

Barrio was not the only bull-related fatality on Saturday – hours outside of Teruel, a 28-year-old man was fatally gored at a bull run through a village.

Officials and fans are grieving Barrio’s death, but animal welfare advocates have been less sympathetic, noting the cruel manner in which bulls are slayed during the bloody battles.

(Photo, screenshot via CBS News)






7 replies
  1. doris Harder says:

    killing these animals is so cruel im glad the bull gored him why do these countries do this to these innocent animals this has to stop they take pleasure of torturing them Bastards!

  2. mongibello says:

    Sadly the bull lost his life AND his mother too as that is the tradition there. When a bull kills the matador the lineage is interrupted by sending the mother to slaughter.
    No compassion for the matador.

    • Susan Steele Loughnane says:

      Now I am doubly disturbed. I remember the first time I saw a bullfight on TV in the 60’s. I was made ill from it. Most disgusting so called sport. I feel nothing for the matador, only “bravo” for the bull.

  3. Joanna says:

    Sick Vile people
    Death to all who take part
    This IS NOT tradition to keep OR fun CRUELTY

  4. carijillian says:

    This drives me NUTS!!! This, the running of the bulls AND, the horses forced to run down the hill in Omak. When I saw a video (as much as I could stomach) of the Omak run, I was happy to see stupid men actually are riding the horses. For that I felt better. For making the horses do that run, I hope we lose a few stupid men in the process and perhaps, they might realize how ignorant they are being. The animals don’t ask for this, nor do they have a choice. Man should know better. Sadly, some ancient traditions are still around.

  5. Leah-Paule Heydey says:

    I cheer at the bulls’ statements about their abused lives. Die, all you stupid, ignorant matadors. Die!! You have no moral authority, none, among the pathetic lot of you! Vicious little men, determined to make the bull suffer immensely, they deserve to be gored.


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