Maple Shade man faces animal cruelty charges for heartbreaking neglect of dog

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In Maple Shade Township, New Jersey, the owner of an emaciated and neglected dog faces multiple animal cruelty charges, reports the Burlington County SPCA’s Humane Police.

Dino the Burlington County dog

According to authorities, a report of a neglected dog led humane officers to the Maple Shade home where the officers ordered the dog be taken to a veterinarian. The dog, named Dino, was taken to the Marlton Animal Hospital where he was evaluated and found to be emaciated and in critical condition. The owner surrendered Dino to the SPCA; the cost of the dog’s veterinary expenses are expected to exceed $3,000.

Animal Lifeline, located in Marlton, has taken Dino into their care.  It is not known if the dog will survive, but donations to help with his veterinarian expenses are needed.

Dino the Burlington county dog 2

Get well soon Dino. Everyone is rooting for you.The investigation continues; the owner has not been identified.

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(Photos provided by Burlington County SPCA Humane Police)


10 replies
  1. Carol Coughlin says:

    That owner should pay the Veterinarian bill and any tests that the dog needs. No one else should have to pay for it. They should’ve been feeding the dog all along. Dino was his(their) responsibility no one elses!!! I hope he (they) go to jail AND get fined for what wasn’t done for that poor dog.

  2. mongibello says:

    Hope Dinosaur makes a full recovery, in spite of his condition he’s a lively dog.
    His POS owner should serve at least 10 years for the abuse this dog has endured.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    The owner needs to be made to pay for what they have done!. Just turning the dog over to someone else doesn’t cut it!. They are responsible and need to be held accountable for the cost to rehabilitate this dog!

  4. Laura says:

    Prosecution is needed. The blatant disregard for this animal is very clear and should be charged with animal cruelty and banned from owning another animal! They should also be fined the amount of the vet bills!

  5. Debbiem says:

    I would like to treat you
    the way you treated that poor animal. Why would you even want an animal if you didnt want to care for him. You are one sick person and need serious help. That is just down right evil to do that to another living being.


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