Bait dog rescued after being attacked

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While Santa Claus came to town on Christmas Day and delivered treats and toys to so many beloved dogs, one seven-month-old “bait dog” puppy would unknowlingly celebrate her freedom; she had just been saved from a torturous existence. In River Vale, New Jersey, rescue organization Good Karma Dog Rescue, stepped up to save Hope.

At first, Hope was rushed immediately to an emergency veterinary hospital. Her body had been ravaged from dog fighting while being used as bait for fighting dogs to hone their egregious craft. She was described as literally ripped into pieces. The pup had been hung upside down by her back legs as the other dogs repeatedly attacked her. Hope didn’t have a chance to fight back.  Huge chunks of skin and muscle dropped away; her face and body were horribly distended and distorted from the swelling. She was riddled with old and new bite marks. Rescuers couldn’t bear holding back tears. It was not known if Hope would even survive.

One day later the rescue group posted Hope’s update on their Facebook page. The prognosis still didn’t look promising, but the puppy seemed to have no intentions of giving up her brave fight:

“The hospital is running a complete blood panel on her. I assumed that had been done already, but it hasn’t, so we are doing it now. We are doing a 4dx test to make sure she doesn’t have any heartworms. She still isn’t eating and the swelling has not gone down, so they are very concerned about the type of infections she could have, so we are also doing a wound culture. She may need a feeding tube inserted in the morning and could potentially need surgery. I will know more when the doctor calls me back after the labs are run. Bloodwork is in house. Wound culture takes 72 hours.
Hang in there sweet girl, we got this.”good-karma-dog-rescue

As the days passed, Hope began to eat and show a slight improvement. She was not eligible be put on steroids for the swelling, however followed a regiment of multiple massive antibiotics and pain relievers. She received constant care and remained on IV therapy for days. Her wounds have slowly improved and Hope was described as being in great “spirits and full of wiggles, wags and kisses.”

And the best news of all – on Friday morning Hope left the veterinary hospital and is now with her foster parent.

“She is doing so wonderfully, the doctors feel there is no reason to keep her there since her culture came back with bacteria that can be treated with oral medications. She will have a recheck in 7 days and is going home on 3 different antibiotics, an anti inflammatory/pain control med and medicated eye drops. We are so happy this girl will get to cuddle with her foster mom and sleep in a soft dog bed tomorrow night.”

Donations can be made to her care using Paypal at the group’s email address,




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    • EB says:

      The human culling has to begin. It will be the believers vs. the non believers. The type of evil that would do this to an innocent living creation HAS to go. God’s Law rules out on this, not man’s.

      • Michael Coulter says:

        Yeah, because “believers” have never done evil, right?

        Fuck you, from an agnostic atheist ????

      • vicki hood says:

        E B. Pay no mind to Coulter. He is very bitter and just wants 15 minutes (15 seconds) of fame. He knows nothing as there is poison inside him. It is eating him alive. We can be truly sorry for him and forgive him for he knows not what he does. He can be an agnostic forever if he chooses but he shows a side of meanness that is not becoming.

  1. Edward says:

    It was a great idea unless you like a lot of fun look like he was very very very very very ferocious so you gave me an idea was taking dirtbags scumbags male or female put some kind of really really on your penises and your lower body when you complete your f****** naked and then hangs you upside down with a bunch of pitbulls are not yet you have not eaten in the m************ week thank you scumbags will see how much body parts you have left f****** drop f****** dead my friend Carmen is on her way you scumbags man let me catch you man let me catch you cause you still live in New Jersey and right remember Baylor’s you scumbags you piece of s*** you f****** garbage

  2. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Merci pour l’avoir sortie de cet enfer, j’ai le coeur qui saigne devant autant de cruauté. Belle vie à toi petit amour.

    • Laurie volunteer for Good Karma Dog Rescue says:

      She will be available for adoption after she is all healed…right now she is in foster with the V.P. of Good Karma Dog Rescue

      She couldn’t be in better hands

    • vicki hood says:

      Several of us would like to have an update. Were there others saved from this hell hole? What happened to them? Perps arrested? Please is there police and courts and all the news. Street justice has been offered several times but if there are good officials Bubba can get them in prison. Bless that bloody little girl. She had to have been someone’s pet at one time. See her food being played with and she is fine with that. That big mush face will be given thousands of kisses. She so deserves a good family.

  3. Nena Miller says:

    People who would hang a dog upside down to be ripped up should be shot. Just shot, done with, the world doesn’t need them and they take up precious space and resources. Useless in every way.

  4. maria says:

    i say it time and time again there is no name on this planet to call these. so call humans. put them in with a pack of nasty the B——- can get rip to bits,

  5. Jennifer Mendieta says:

    If this is still going on then the law and those who enforce it are not doing there jobs. It’s gross and disgusting, these people need to be punish but not by jail. Let the animal community dish out the punishment. After the abuse is done it is a rescue that has to fork out money, the time and the heart ack that these disgusting humans cause, yet nobody is punish for there crime. I am fucking finished with this bullshit.

  6. susispot says:

    To those that hurt this dog, may you meet your Maker sooner than planned, and that he has a rude awakening in store for you. You are disgusting to the human race. You are worthless and have no redeeming qualities. Hell has made a place for you, no doubt.

  7. Mr, Monkey says:

    I hope with all my heart and soul that each and everyone in involved with hurting this puppy dies a very, very slow and most painful death, better yet is bait for the dogs just as “Hope” was. Rot in hell you selfish wastes of skin.

  8. Jan Goldsworthy says:

    Someone needs to hang the dirtbags who did this to her by they ankles and use them as “bait”. See how they like be ripped to shreds for sport. Let teh punishment fit the crime. Prayers for a speedy recovery and a happy new home for Baby Hope.

  9. Sam says:

    Please can someone find out or get any info re any consequences for those accused (waiting in South Africa) as we too have a big dog fighting problem

  10. vicki hood says:

    What about the scum that ran the pit ring? Are they in jail? What was rescued from the pit ring? Are there arrests? Will you keep track that the pit ring will stay out of business?
    Please keep us posted. We want prosecution. We want the pibbles saved. They are innocent. Keep us posted.

  11. Michael Coulter says:

    The…………..things that did this atrocity should be treated the same, except for the use of sharks, instead of dogs – sharks need to eat, too!


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