Angel: A dog’s cries for help were never answered

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Angel was the name given to a beautiful purebred Akita discovered dying in her backyard at an Irvington, New Jersey residence on Wednesday evening. When a call came into the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter, an officer from the Newark facility was immediately dispatched. He was met by the person who cared enough to call about the suffering dog. angel-died

And this dog’s story is heartbreaking. As the officer was led to the part of the yard where Angel was found lying all huddled up behind some debris, the emaciated dog had burrowed herself into a pile of leaves trying to stay warm. A small room was attached to the residence where she could go if she wanted to be indoors, but it was covered in feces and garbage – no place for any dog to rest or find shelter.

The officer gently lifted Angel “out of the nightmare that she had been living in and brought her to the safety of a warm van.” She was immediately transported to a veterinary hospital in Fairfield where it was hoped her life could be saved. Tragically, that was not to be. Although veterinarians had been alerted to the pup’s arrival and tried to do everything they could to stabilize her, the cruelty and neglect resulted in her vital organs shutting down. She was made comfortable, content and loved; a few hours later Angel died.angel-died-2

We wonder how this can happen or how can anyone just stand around and do nothing while watching any animal suffer? The Good Samaritan who called the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter told the officers she had repeatedly called the city’s animal control officers with her concerns about the dog, but apparently nothing was ever done for Angel.

It is a tragedy that Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter tells us that stories so similar to Angel’s are all too familiar.

“You cannot imagine how often animals died cold, hungry and alone, but so many times, our staff tries so hard to at least show them care and love that they likely had never experienced. These sad stories are not something that you get used to, and the faces of these animals are not faces that you soon forget,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

We all must be the voices for those who cannot speak. When you suspect animal cruelty or neglect, don’t turn your head. Keep making those calls, reach out to social media and help the next “Angel” survive her nightmare and find a loving and responsible human to call her own.

There has been no information posted as to her owners and a subsequent investigation of animal cruelty. Rest in peace sweet girl. We hope you find some justice.angel-died-4

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(Photos of Angel courtesy of AHS)

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  1. Of course I’m sad 4 this dogs suffering…but, I’m actually MORE AAANGRRRY!!! And… for SO MANY OBVIOUS REASONS! This is just so typical …UNFORTUNATELY!

  2. You wouldn’t print what I’m thinking. May those ‘owners’ rot in Hell along with the ACOs who never answered the call and did NOTHING while Angel suffered. Damn all of them. RIP sweetheart.

    • I agree. Angel cried and aco did nothing. Neighbor should have disobeyed the law and gone over the fence to get her. Take pictures and if there is ever a trial NO JURY WILL CONVICT YOU.


    • AGREED! This article says, Be the voice for those who can’t speak when you suspect animal cruelty of neglect..BUT the good Samaritan called AC many times and no help!! Who do you call?!?! Shame on Animal Control, they are no better than the disgusting owners! And watch how nothing will be done about this. No justice for this poor sweet dog and this will continue to defenseless animals because the system lacks compassion for animals or animal rights ugh

      • I agree !!! Nothing will change or get better until these monsters are hunted and held accountable for these atrocities !!!! They need to find these monsters as they are BROKEN !!!!!!

      • I agree with everyone and especially Corina Yildiz. Another answer is to make a citizens arrest. I have done both. The taking and the Citizens Arrest. Mostly easy.

      • This is an old story o came across. But it should never be forgotten and Angel should never be forgotten! It would’ve pi**ed me off so bad, I would have stolen the dog. It’s great she called at least but I couldn’t continue watching that dog suffer. I hope the disgusting pieces of animal abusing filth in this world get a nice kick from karma!

  4. How do people keep getting away with this !!! I thought animal abuse was a Felony through all the states now. The people who did this there should be consequences !!! Let the dog loose if you don’t want him and give him a chance to survive… I am so friggin disgusted with the human race. If I saw a dog being treated like this I would not stop untill the animal was rescued !! Or I would go rescue that Animal myself !!!

  5. When realizing your calls were going unanswered …. why wouldn’t you bring the dog into your place until someone could pick it up ??? =( There is NO way, I could sleep at night knowing that dog was out there. If the first day I called, nobody had come by nightfall to get the dog, I would have been bringing it in and continue to call ….. At least the lady did call ..

    • I agree with you, but it could be an issue of the law. You go on someone’s property and take the dog you could very well be thrown in jail for stealing the dog. I think I would have been calling Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter long before they were called had my reports been ignored by the animal control. At least, as you say, the lady did call and did finally get help for the dog, although much too late.

  6. What is the job of the city animal control officers? POS’s. If I were that good samaritan I would have taken the dog. That’s the way I am. Poor Angel….RIP. No mention of the previous owners? Interesting.

  7. The owners AND the animal control officers who never responded to the Good Samaritan’s calls need to be held responsible. I’m in tears, thinking about how poor Angel suffered. RIP sweetheart. You will NEVER be cold or hungry again as you sit at God’s feet.

  8. Never depend on civil servants to give a tinker’s damn about animals even if it is supposedly their dog. The neighbor reported it, but after that if nothing was done the neighbor should have done more. Get food to the dog. Sneak it if necessary. Call a rescue to speak to the owners. Steal the damned dog! That poor angel lay their dying and no one did a damned thing. If you wait on government entities to do anything animals WILL die. Animals and children in distress are the last to receive care and concern in this country. This dog might have been saved had someone had the courage to DO THE RIGHT THING !

    • I agree and agree with Patty. I too would not have been able to sleep at nights. If the dog had been given food, water and a blanket she/he may have survived. At the risk of being attacked the good samaratin could have been giving food, water and a warm blanket for Angel. Especially when the POS’s city animal contro lofficers weren’t responding.

  9. No the owners need to feel suffering. Their photos need to be sent across the world on all social media platforms. THE AUTHORITIES NEED TO PROSECUTE!!!!!

  10. I would like to know why the city animal control officers did nothing when alerted of the situation! It would seem they are as responsible for this dog’s death as the owners. How this poor dog must have suffered.

  11. first of all I’m from New Jersey Irvington is nothing more than a scumbag hole City piece of s*** have drug traffic murderous scum bags garbage unfortunately she needed to be protected and a lot of people including Control Officers don’t give a s*** what you said and it’s right in front of the judge here saying it’s one of the fun is never over and over again for like 5 years and some stupid s*** you need to prosecute a really strict when you abused an animal she was a gorgeous creature she did not deserve to have that kind of pain in the death it’s a f****** nightmare of Shame rest in peace gorgeous and for your owner karma’s a b**** and she’s around the corner looking for you

  12. I’m balling over this!!! I’m sickened! I fucking hate she had such a horrible life! Sweet Angel St least your suffering is over! To the mf’er die a slow miserable death. I wish I could be your cellmate. I hope u get f’d in the ass nitely! U pig!

  13. Poor little baby girl, you were given a taste of kindness in your final hours, but this kindness should have been your experience your entire life. Rest well in God’s hands beautiful angel ❤️

  14. we should all be looking and listining to the sounds of animal neglect and tell.
    even if it means throwing your self down hard in the middle of the street and screaming at the top of our lungs untill somebody does something about it.
    if the protective agency you tell does nothing then keep going up the line till you find the person who will do something.
    you will know that person when you find them

    • Ellen, I myself would have taken that dog into my home. If I called city animal officers only once and saw nothing was done…I would have taken Angel into my home.

      • i know you whould have linda.
        you would have interviened on long before it became hopless.
        but there are still animals that need your help.
        help is far more effective then money donations.
        we each are responsible for our home front.

      • This has nothing to do with this post, but, I lost my beloved Elvis this afternoon on our way to Angel Memorial. Poor baby was gasping for air. He was a 10 yr old mini poodle I adopted at a nearby no kill shelter. He was a stray down in Georgia. I miss him so much. I take comfort that he had a loving home the 2 and 1/2 yrs I had him. He will be missed what a sweet dog he was. RIP my sweet Elvis.

      • I am sorry for your loss.
        you are so lucky you were together.
        she is around you and with her always.
        I feel very deeply for you and your family.
        its a terrable adjustment

  15. This dog was found in sure by the owners house. Go and arrest the motherF__cker. This kind of treatment has to stop. If you can’t afford a per don’t get one. I’m sickened over this. I’m in tears.

  16. Rest in peace baby. You’ll never be hungry or cold again. I’m perqlexed and plagued by the question, why don’t these horrible people get charged with murder.
    Adoption is adoption whether a child or animal. Why don’t people follow through with their commitments when they chose to adopt.

  17. Animal control should be held accountable for tihs because they were notified several times and never did anything about it. This is so SAD!!!! RIP ANGEL!!!!

  18. I believe that the owners of this piece of shit should or anyone that abuses animals should be given the same treatment and the same punishment that they gave there forever friend and family they should know what it’s like to suffer I rescue dogs in Staten Island New York and some of the things I’ve seen and came across brought me to beyond tears these assholes that treat there animals in humanly should be given the same treatment and see how they like it it should become a law that anyone that abuses animals should be charged as a felony not just a few months that’s a slap on the wrist and so sadly they wind up getting another animal to abuse I will NOT STOP AND KEEP VOICING MY OPINION UNTIL THE BABIES THAT CANT SOEAK HAVE RIGHTS LIKE HUMANS OUT ANIMALS IS OUT LIFE AND FAMILY JUST BECAUSE TGEY CANT DOEAK FOR THEMSELVES DOESNT MEAN THERE NOY FAMILY THEY ARE THERE OUR FAMILY AND RELATIVES HOW DARE ANYONE TAKE THAT AWAY FROM THESE INNOCENT BABIES THE BOOK SHOULD BE THROWN AT YOU AND CHARGED AS A FELON THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT

  19. Oh sweet Angel so innocent and abused, how could you be left as you were , those responsible should pay dearly for what they did , So so sorry you suffered so much , Rest In Angel ,sleep safe in the arms of angels . god bless you ,

  20. You make a citizen’s arrest. The police are obliged to respond. You inform the owner you are making the C.A.and that you are calling the police. That you are sitting on the curb awaiting police arrival. Be prepared for anger. Best you have someone with you. Sometime you can walk away with the owners permission and the animal in tow or in your arms as the owner doesn’t want to be arrested. If they touch you, you can have them arrested for assault. Otherwise when police respond they inform owner that you are making the arrest and they are in charge of taking owner away. Read up on it. It is an old law that still works.

  21. So sad that we have all kinds of monsters living in this planet! RIP sweet angel, and may you be with the angels now where you find eternal and forever happiness!

  22. God in Heaven please let Angel have eternal peace let her sleep safe in the arms of angels with no mopre pain, As for the bastard responsible if the police and the system do not send him /her to prison I hope someone deals out punishment to them and may they rot in hell for eternity

  23. You have to know who’s home this was….find them. They are monsters. Track them down and put them in jail. MIMINUM of 10 years, $10,000 fine, and a life time ban on ever owning or living in the same home as a pet of any kind…….they are monsters….sick, evil, vile reptiles!


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