Neglected and discarded, dumped pup left out in Florida heat

Just one-year-old, a neglected, discarded and abused dog was left out in the 100 degree heat in Florida as if he was nothing more than trash. Thrown out with no means to fend for himself, … Read More

Heartless creep left puppies in sealed container in front of animal shelter

In Mobile, Alabama, a heartless creep left a litter of puppies in a sealed container for more than 9 hours in front of the Mobile County Animal Shelter. The tiny pups had no fresh oxygen, … Read More

Terrified puppy surrendered in crate with ‘CAUTION’ on card

At Chicago Animal Care and Control, a terrified young dog was brought into the shelter inside of a portable airline crate with the word “CAUTION” on his card. Apparently, the pup named Mochi tried to … Read More

Shar Pei Nation dedicated to saving these unique dogs

Shar Peis are quite unique in many ways; not just by their appearance, but that these dogs have quite an extensive history.  Their origins began in Canton, China, and they have been deemed one of … Read More

Betrayed: Family ordered shelter to euth 15-year-old ‘Butters’

Butters was betrayed. Just one day before his family moved to Colorado, they brought their 15-year-old Chihuahua mix to the Apple Valley Shelter in California and requested the dog be euthanized; stating it was a … Read More

Dog survives 45 days after he fell from 550 ft cliff

A dog who fell from a 550 feet cliff miraculously survived 45 days after he slipped out of his leash in Eype, Dorset to chase sheep. Somehow the spunky pooch, despite breaking his leg and … Read More

Houdini: Frightened dog too scared to make eye contact

In an urgent notice from the Orangeburg County Animal Control in South Carolina, Houdini is in dire need of rescue. The youngster was not named Houdini because of his ability to escape; he earned his … Read More

‘Puppies aren’t people’: Attorney defends accused puppy trash tosser

In Coachella, California, Deborah Culwell, 54, alleged to have thrown a bag of seven newborn puppies into a dumpster, appeared in court again on Thursday. This time it was Culwell’s attorney, Joseph Cavanaugh, who shocked … Read More

Baby bear cubs rescued after mother struck by vehicle

In British Columbia, along the Sunshine Coast two baby bear cubs were rescued after their mother was struck by a vehicle and killed. The cubs are being cared for by a wildlife organization in Langley.… Read More

Family surrendered their ‘mangy puppy’ when baby was born

A Houston family surrendered their five-month-old “mangy puppy” to the Harris County Animal Shelter this week when their human baby was born. They didn’t want the “mangy puppy” to get too close to their infant.… Read More