Owner of escaped kangaroo in Ft Lauderdale charged with misdemeanors

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida Kangaroo Jack escaped from his yard after pushing the gate latch and happily hopped along the busy streets of a crowded city late last week. His owner had been at work … Read More

Kangaroo ‘Brad Pit’ that fell 23 feet into mine shaft rescued

A kangaroo named “Brad Pit” that fell 23 feet down into an abandoned mine shaft was rescued in Drummond, Victoria in mid June. Five Freedoms Animal Rescue, with a team of volunteers, were able … Read More

Off leash dogs maul kangaroo at Melbourne beach

At a beach in Melbourne, Australia, a kangaroo was mauled and nearly killed by an off leash dog at the Fisherman’s Beach on Sunday. The kangaroo nearly drowned as it was chased into the water … Read More

Outrage as teen repeatedly punched injured kangaroo in viral video

Social media users are outraged after a video went viral showing a teenager repeatedly punching an injured kangaroo in the face in the Australia NSW town of Culcairn. The video appeared on Snapchat Monday and … Read More

Operation Rock Wallaby is Australia’s effort to save endangered species

Australia is dropping thousands of pounds of vegetables from helicopters for hungry animals escaping the bush fires in an effort called Operation Rock Wallaby.

According to the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage, … Read More

Frank the kangaroo shot with arrow ‘for fun’ in protected animal area

Amidst the worst bush fires in history and with a billion wild animals dying in Australia, a particularly evil act occurred on Saturday at Lysterfield Park in Melbourne – a protected area space for animals … Read More

Devastating photos arise as Australia’s bush fires threaten animal extinction

Devastating photos of injured and dead animals have emerged on social media as catastrophic fires continue to ravage 12.35 million acres of Australian bush. Several threatened species are expected to face extinction. The flames have … Read More

Australian teen accused of running over and killing 20 kangaroos

A 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Tuesday for allegedly running over up to 20 kangaroos with his truck in Baga Valley, New South Wales on Sunday.

According to WIRES – Read More

Heartless teens video bashing kangaroo with a plank of wood

In Western Australia, heartless teens videoed themselves bashing a small kangaroo with a plank of wood. The disturbing incident has been posted on Snapchat and is believed to have occurred along the Kalamunda Zig Zag … Read More

Just for kicks: 4 men charged with horrific cruelty in killing of kangaroos

Was it just for sadistic kicks that four men are alleged to have violently attacked and killed two kangaroos after police found harrowing video footage in two separate incidents? Four men were charged on Wednesday … Read More