Australian teen accused of running over and killing 20 kangaroos

A 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Tuesday for allegedly running over up to 20 kangaroos with his truck in Baga Valley, New South Wales on Sunday.

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Heartless teens video bashing kangaroo with a plank of wood

In Western Australia, heartless teens videoed themselves bashing a small kangaroo with a plank of wood. The disturbing incident has been posted on Snapchat and is believed to have occurred along the Kalamunda Zig Zag … Read More

Just for kicks: 4 men charged with horrific cruelty in killing of kangaroos

Was it just for sadistic kicks that four men are alleged to have violently attacked and killed two kangaroos after police found harrowing video footage in two separate incidents? Four men were charged on Wednesday … Read More

Pig hunter Natalie Cepeniuk defends ‘deep-throating’ baby kangaroo

Pig hunter Natalie Cepeniuk, who became a reality internet personality in Australia after becoming one of the girlfriends of Farmer Wants A Wife Lachlan McAleer, has created a social media uproar after posting a photo … Read More

Comedian Mike Epp and his shocking kangaroo ‘cruelty’ stunt

Comedian and actor Mike Epps has apologized, since dealing with the backlash of his Friday night show in Detroit, when he brought a kangaroo on stage
showing the terrified animal lashing out.

Epps, who is

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