Pig hunter Natalie Cepeniuk defends ‘deep-throating’ baby kangaroo

Pig hunter Natalie Cepeniuk, who became a reality internet personality in Australia after becoming one of the girlfriends of Farmer Wants A Wife Lachlan McAleer, has created a social media uproar after posting a photo of her swallowing a beheaded, baby kangaroo.

The disturbing photo showed Cepeniuk wearing a bloody shirt swallowing the decapitated “joey” and including the following message along with the picture:

“I may have deep-throated a joey’s neck.”

With that Cepeniuk posted laughing and beer emojis.

According to the West Australian News, the photo was forwarded to authorities and wildlife supporters who have openely expressed disgust and condemnation on Cepeniuk’s Facebook page. An investigation by the RSPCA NSW  began, however it didn’t take long before Cepeniuk defiantly responded:

“…hit a few nerves with a few greenies and haters.”

She later explained the mother kangaroo had jumped in front of her vehicle, and that she “humanely put it out of its misery.” Claiming she did not shoot the mother, she claims to love animals but considers herself a “realist” and stated the baby joey had been mangled, and it would have been cruel to keep it alive. She says she has “guts of steel” and the photo had been part of a dare which was not worth “the carry on.”

“How is it animal cruelty if the joey was dead?” Cepeniuk asked. “Unlike all you sour c*** I like to make light of bad situations which is exactly what I did. Go and have a cry to someone else, cause I really couldn’t give a s***.”

The Department of Environment and Energy for the Australian government states injured female kangaroos must be examined for a joey, and the pouch young should be killed:

“Decapitation with a sharp instrument in very small hairless young or a properly executed heavy blow to destroy the brain in larger young are effective means of causing sudden and painless death,” the law states.

Some people just have bad taste.

(Photos of pig hunter swallowing joey via Facebook.)

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Comedian Mike Epp and his shocking kangaroo ‘cruelty’ stunt

Comedian and actor Mike Epps has apologized, since dealing with the backlash of his Friday night show in Detroit, when he brought a kangaroo on stage
showing the terrified animal lashing out.
Epps, who is best known for his role in “The Hangover,” had invited zoo owner and exotic animal specialist Javon Stacks on stage with the kangaroo, who appeared uncomfortable under the lights and the cheering of the audience. Stacks doesn’t seem bothered by the animal’s distress and raised the animal’s arm in the air as the crowd continued to cheer. At that moment, the kangaroo panicked and tried to hit Epps in the face; the comedian ran off the stage. Moments before, Stacks carried the panicky animal around after it tried to run away. According to  TMZ, Epps grabbed the leash himself, and held the “animal for a photo.”

Angry fans soon took to social media criticizing Epps’ behavior as well as using the kangaroo on stage “milking the animal for laughs.”

“I didn’t think Mike Epps playing with that kangaroo last night was funny at all. That kangaroo looked miserable and ready to snap,” one Twitter user wrote.

Reddit users called Epps a “disgrace.” And then on Sunday, Epps posted a video of himself and Stacks feeding a banana to the kangaroo, but this was not the same terrified animal that appeared on stage Friday night. Stacks claims the animals are all part of a traveling zoo, and he does have all proper licenses. When asked about the leash, Stacks stated it is legal and preferable to a collar.

 Check out the video and decide for yourself. Do you think this was animal cruelty or just fun?

(Photo via YouTube freezeshot)