9 dogs living in awful conditions about to be carted off to kill shelter rescued in nick of time

On Monday evening, nine small dogs hit the “lucky” jackpot. In South Texas, the dogs lived tethered to chains, under cars, under the house and in the dirt. When their owner called Animal Control, the … Read More

No one wanted Duke today ‘but tomorrow is another day’

Duke is a sweet boy, but no one has offered to give him a home. At the thought of someone walking by his shelter cage, Duke grabs his stuffy and runs to the front – … Read More

Abandoned Lab waited for days at Home Depot for her owner

In the San Bernardino area of California, a yellow Labrador retriever waited for three days at Home Depot for her owner to return. She was probably used for breeding; her milk had dried up long … Read More

14-year-old husky surrendered to shelter because she was too old

Madonna is a 14-year-old Siberian husky who was left at the Harris County Pets Animal Shelter in July. She was left behind because “she was old” and that last car trip for Madonna must have … Read More

Senior dog’s loyalty and wisdom has him ‘code red’ for 2 weeks at shelter

Sometimes it seems neither the wisdom or loyalty of a dog matters much anymore. Mack was surrendered to  Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEACCA) in Downey, California on June 24 – and for almost two … Read More

Severely neglected, bonded dogs dumped at high kill shelter


At the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, a pair of bonded, senior dogs were unceremoniously surrendered on Sunday. Both dogs appeared to have been neglected; the female pooch infested with fleas.… Read More

Abandoned mother dog shed real tears protecting her pup in desert

Months ago, a young mother dog with her tiny puppy was abandoned in the industrial desert area of the Redlands. According to the security guard, a truck driver dumped the two and left them to … Read More

German shepherd shot in the head for ‘chewing on babies’ toys’ survives

In Coldwater, Michigan, a three-year-old German shepherd survived after her owner allegedly shot her in the head and left her for dead on an old tarp. Three days after she was shot, somehow the dog … Read More

Butterfinger has been at shelter 154 days: On Friday he dies

In Columbus, Ohio, Butterfinger is one of the saddest dogs at the Franklin County Shelter. The six-year-old male has been at the shelter for 154 days; no one has adopted him and on Friday, the … Read More

Not a single adoption offer for ‘ugliest dog’ Icy

At the Lincoln County Humane Society, in St. Catharines, a five-year-old Cairn terrier is waiting patiently for his new family, but no one has even submitted an adoption application.

Check out Icy’s video:

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