Owner buried blind dog with dementia alive in mud for 5 days

An old blind dog with dementia was rescued on Saturday after his owner had thrown the senior dog in the backyard where he wandered around until he fell into the mud and could not move … Read More

Heartbreaking intake: Scared dog realizes his owner is leaving

In Lost Angeles County at the Agoura Animal Care Center, a scared dog realized in moments that his owner was deserting him. Tragically, the heartbreaking intake for surrendering a dog is a scene played … Read More

Heartbreaker: Bedraggled pup needs a home filled with love

At the Friends of the Memphis Animal Shelter, a young, bedraggled pup needs a home filled with love. When rescued, he was in such deplorable condition, his head sank in. His coat has all … Read More

A final goodbye: Miami shelter pup just wants a second chance

On Tuesday, it will be a final goodbye for Honey. She will take her last breath after being caged at the Miami-Dade Animal Services since April 7, where she has been hidden away in the … Read More

Puppy returned to shelter for ‘chewing a shoe’

During a free adoption campaign earlier in May, Aubrey had been adopted, but her new family returned her to the San Bernardino Animal Shelter a few days later for “chewing a shoe.” Perhaps the family … Read More

Help: Dumped at shelter with 4 other dogs, Rex has no front legs

At Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Baldwin Park, California, Rex has no idea why he has been left in a kennel cage. On May 26, his owner left Rex, who has no front legs, … Read More

Update: Senior used to be ‘someone’s dog’ but now too old

Heartbreaking photos tragically told the story of a senior who used to be “someone’s dog” – that is until she got too old. On Friday evening, Dallas DogRRR -Rescue. Rehab. Reform volunteers noticed the dog’s … Read More

Neglected and starved but dog’s forgiveness is amazing

In the Raleigh, North Carolina area, a neglected and starved dog had been scavenging for food when he was picked up by Animal Control. The local shelter wanted assistance with the very friendly dog; her … Read More

Help: Gentle soul Liam found wandering the streets of Houston

Meet Liam; he’s only a puppy and found wandering the streets of Houston in the most heartbreaking condition.

“His skin is itchy, red and inflamed. His face is covered in scabs. His paws are so

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Dog mom of 10 puppies shot twice before she was surrendered

In Franklin, Massachusetts, a new dog mom of 10 puppies had been shot twice in Alabama while she was pregnant. When surrendered to a shelter, the Alabama veterinarians discovered she was pregnant.

Fortunately some good … Read More