3 police officers form human chain to rescue puppy drowning in sewer

Thanks to three police officers in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, a little dog is safe after he was heroically rescued from drowning in an open sewer, reports the Daily Mail.

Area residents panicked when they … Read More

Emaciated Black Mouth Cur in immediate need of rescue

It’s hard to believe this frightened female Black Mouth Cur is only two-years-old, but she was found severely emaciated and needs immeidate rescue from the Midland Animal Shelter in Texas.

A Facebook page for this … Read More

Chihuahua rescued from 6-foot deep drain pipe

In San Diego, California, one frightened, tiny Chihuahua trapped in a six-foot storm drain owes her life to another dog, reports AbcNews10.

In Lincoln Park, some Good Samaritans noticed a dog peering into an eight-inch … Read More

By court order, killings halted at Ohio animal control

For the time being, the killings have been halted at an animal control agency in Ohio where cases of distemper have been discovered. According to Thursday’s NBCi 4 News, a judge has granted a temporary … Read More

Nassau County college student sentenced to 2 weeks in jail for beating dog to death

A former Adelphi University college student from China was sentenced to 14 days in jail on Thursday for the fatal beating of his two-year-old Pomeranian, reports NewsDay.

According to Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas, … Read More

Update: Neglected Sheltie undergoes surgery to remove football sized tumor

An update on Soldier’s condition still shows him to be in serious condition. According to the Arrow Fund’s Friday afternoon report, the dog’s tumor weighed five-and-a-half pounds. Another small tumor was also removed beneath the … Read More

Woman arrested for trying to save her dog in 4-alarm San Mateo fire

A dog died in a San Mateo, California fire that destroyed a three-story condominium late Thursday night on Ticonderoga Road, reports KtvuNews. 

The fire broke about about 10:45 p.m. as San Mateo Fire Department and … Read More

German shepherd puppy loses leg after shot in random act of cruelty

A nine-month-old German shepherd puppy mix had to have his leg amputated after someone shot him in a random act of animal cruelty in Martinez, California late last week, reports NbcBayArea.

The friendly pup, now … Read More

Dog finds abandoned newborn puppy

A clever dog saved an abandoned newborn puppy in Dublin, Ireland. News of the miraculous find was shared with followers of the Dublin SPCA Facebook page on Wednesday.

According to the shelter, the newborn pup, … Read More

Couple affiliated with dog rescue arrested – dogs seized

Less than one week ago, 26 dogs were rescued from a the home of a couple affiliated with a Wisconsin dog rescue. According to the Racine County Eye, the couple who volunteered for Lucky Mutts Read More