Rescuers save Bubbles the dog who had been chained under a shed during hurricane

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Thanks to the Louisiana SPCA and the Humane Rescue Alliance, Bubbles the dog was rescued from underneath a collapsed shed, chained up and left without any food or water.

The Humane Rescue Alliance dispatched four rescuers to search for pets in need after Hurricane Ida struck the Orleans Parish. While the team had been responding to calls of abandoned animals, a resident flagged volunteers down and led them to a dog trapped under a collapsed shed. The frightened dog had been chained inside in the sweltering heat with no food or water since the storm struck three days earlier.

“We carefully lifted the shed enough so we could guide the dog out from underneath and free him from the chain. Thankfully and perhaps miraculously the dog was not injured. The concerned neighbor helped us name this brave pup Bubbles, and we think it’s the perfect name. Once freed from the shed, Bubbles was super friendly and sweet and became almost immediately affectionate toward his rescuers. Bubbles was transported to our shelter in Algiers to cool off and recover while we work to locate his owners.”

SPCA Louisiana

Sadly, there are still many people unable to return home and/or care for their pets. 911FosterPets is an excellent resource for those pet owners in need. This tool is helping to link pet owners with temporary foster homes. If you are willing to foster a pet temporarily whose owner may have been displaced or you are looking for temporary foster care for your pet, please sign up through

The SPCA Louisiana continues to be in disaster mode post-Hurricane Ida; the team is hard at work. Working with animals can be so lucky though because when stress strikes, volunteers can take advantage of puppy cuddles! Remember: if you’ve lost your pet visit to see if the rescue has them.

If your pet is still missing:

◾ Immediately fill out a lost report at If you are unable to fill out the report yourself, call 504.368.5191 for assistance.

◾ Once the report is received, someone from the Louisiana SPCA will contact you within 24-hours to set an appointment to reclaim your pet.

To donate:

(504) 368-5191


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  1. Claire Vinet says:

    SEARCH FOR THE OWNERS??? Unless you want to find them to press charges of animal cruelty and abandonment against them, that is so wrong! That poor dog should NEVER be returned to those people!


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