Hero pooch leads rescuers to her tightly trapped dog bestie

In Glenwood, West Virginia, two brindled look-a-like hounds, well known for their uncanny abilities to escape from their home, were happily reunited after one of the dogs managed to rescue her bestie from a certain … Read More

Viral video showing Lab carrying empty leash after his pal’s death brings viewers to tears

A viral video posted by Tik Tok account holder The Labraseal filmed in Suffolk, United Kingdom has brought viewers to tears. More than 3.5 million viewers have “liked” the heartbreaking video; the real meaning of … Read More

Pair of neglected pups abandoned at park already warming up to staff who rescued them

At a public park near Sherman Oaks, California, two terribly matted dogs were dumped early Thursday morning in the parking lot. Based upon their condition, it was quite apparent the two had been neglected for … Read More

Scared and confused dog once bonded to her family surrendered to shelter

At the Stafford County Animal Shelter in Stafford, Virginia, Xena cowers in the corner of her shelter cage scared and very confused. For the last four years of her life she had been with only … Read More

Eight puppies who have not been socialized dumped at shelter after owner never bothered to be responsible

Eight puppies are huddled in a corner, scared witless because they have never been socialized and suddenly find themselves in a noisy shelter with strangers everywhere. The litter was surrendered to the East Valley Animal … Read More

Heartbroken dog stayed by her human’s coffin and refused to leave

It remains a mystery how dogs view the loss of their humans at death. Suddenly, the human who has cared for and loved them most of their lives is nowhere in sight. For days, they … Read More

Blind dog and his support cat love life and have each other to count on

In Alberta, Canada, the family of Spike, an eight-year-old pup whose eyes had been removed, and his bonded buddy Max, an eight-year-old cat, were surrendered to Saving Grace Animal Society earlier this year.

The two … Read More

Saving a precious pair of pups ‘dressed in their tuxedos’ from overcrowded Texas shelter

Thumbelina and Ezio have been kept together at one of the municipal shelters near San Antonio, Texas. Their status is listed as urgent, and they need someone to step up to help.

According to SAPA Read More

Bonded pair surrendered to shelter and it’s not the fault of the dogs: Someone needed to open their home and heart

At the East Valley Animal Shelter, Dez and Koda were surrendered because of “landlord/residential issues.” What a sad state of affairs when humans can no longer be responsible for providing safe and loving homes for … Read More

Surrendered puppies shiver in fear at Houston area shelter and have few options left

Rex wants to be anywhere but at the Harris County Pet Resource Center. Both puppies are only seven-months old and their owner surrendered them because they were too old.

“Rex is so scared, he can’t

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