Urgent: Mother shepherd and her 10 puppies slated for euth’ at overcrowded Houston shelter

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“Bunny” (Julia A1915278) and her 10 puppies had been living under a stranger’s shed in Houston, and the devoted mom would sneak in and out through a hole in the fence. The entire family had been turned into BARC shelter on December 27 as strays. The puppies are estimated to be four-weeks old and cannot be in a shelter long term because their immune systems are too immature and are susceptible to infectious diseases.

Bunny and her puppies have been placed on the euthanasia list for Tuesday, January 2, 2024 because of overcrowding at the shelter and the puppies not able to survive at a shelter long term. The dogs have all received their preliminary vaccinations.

The shelter sent out a plea for help, and the family can be rescued only by an approved rescue partner because of the puppies and the care they will need. Funds are currently being pledged to be paid to an approved rescue organization for the family once they are all safely out of the shelter.

Preliminary notes from the shelter state the mother dog is about two years of age, weighs 45-pounds and is heartworm negative. She is friendly and doing her best to be a good mom.

Her puppies:

A1915156 Bonnie, 5159 Bambi, 5280 Bailey, 5281 Bethany, 5282 Birdie, 5283 Betsy, 5284 Blythe, 5285 Bryan, 5287 Brooks, 5288 Brody (DB28) – Immature (PS 12.28).

The dogs are at BARC Animal Shelter located at 3200 Carr Street, Houston, TX 77026.

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For more information, please follow here.

Please share this family’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. It is tragic they are all scheduled to be euthanized on Tuesday; none have had the chance to walk on the cool grass, smell a burger cooking on the barbecue or ever get to feel the warm embrace from a child welcoming a puppy into their heart and home.

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  1. I am geographically undesirable because I am not local.

    My heart is breaking for this gorgeous family. I am praying they get rescued.

    If anyone is coming to Washington state, I can definitely foster this family.

  2. I just checked the BARC urgent (red) list: only 9 puppies now (1 must have died). All others and Mum are still on the list to be euthanized……..

    I hope they are all rescued………

  3. Mum and 5 puppies are still on the red list for today. I hope they are rescued soon. It’s heartbreaking that she’s been losing her precious little babies…….


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