Hearts broke when stray puppy found guarding her deceased friend on freezing cold Detroit street

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Most likely they had been puppies born from the same litter, and most likely they had been abandoned and somehow had been expected to either fend for themselves in the subzero temperatures of Detroit’s latest deep freeze.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue responded to an urgent message on Sunday alerting rescuers to a small puppy who had been seen near a snow covered street guarding her deceased canine pal and needed immediate help. Volunteers hurried to the location, and one volunteer could barely hold back the tears as she saw the puppy both starving and nearly freezing to death, standing loyally beside her friend who had passed away.

Both dogs have been taken back to the organization’s partner veterinary hospital, and thankfully the surviving puppy doesn’t appear to have any life-threatening injuries.

we are sad that we were not able to save her friend, but we will make sure that Angel has a much better life ahead; far away from the tough streets of Detroit.

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Animal advocates and supporters of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue were heartbroken reading about Angel and her littermate’s tragic story.

This is absolutely heartbreaking and absolutely unacceptable! Laws need to be changed about breeding and spaying and neutering and even about who owns pets.


Thank you for saving her and giving her friend dignity. Rest in Paradise sweet angel and watch over your dear friend as she watched over you


This is a developing story. Updates about Angel will follow.

For those that want to donate to the care of Angel please go to Detroitpitcrew.com or you can donate through our Venmo account @Detroitpitcrew. Thank you to everyone who helps make these rescues possible.

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