Emergency rescue: Kindest yet severely neglected dog betrayed by his human

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UPDATE: Saved by Noah’s Rescue. Please honor your pledges. Donations can be made by clicking here.

At the Miami Dade Animal Service in Doral, Florida, Ignacio (A2411277) has been surrendered by his owner in the most heartbreaking condition. He is severely malnourished and emaciated. He has an abscess on the side of his face, and his nails have become painfully ingrown. And to think however – Ignacio is by far the sweetest dog most of the staff and volunteers have ever met. He loves receiving pets and treats.

From the past:

Ignacio was adopted out of Miami-Dade Animal Services in November 2022 as a seven-year-old unaltered and heartworm positive dog as a cryptorchid. In addition, he has also been diagnosed with a rectal mass, severely cropped ears, teeth fractures and still cryptorchid, intact and heartworm positive. All of the medical issues this poor dog had in 2022 when he was adopted, are still here (and more.)

Fast forward to April 10, 2024. He is now nine years old, weighs 37pounds, and is a victim of horrific animal abuse and cruelty.

His owner surrendered him to the shelter with the following information:

In the present:

Ignacio is in urgent need of a foster and rescue or an adopter who is actually going to love and care for him the way he always should have been. He has numerous medical issues that need to be addressed. If you’re in Florida and willing to foster him for a rescue, please send a private message with your location.

Anyone anywhere can adopt him, BUT ALL adoptions are done IN PERSON at the shelter! NO ONE is able to adopt him for you and ship or transport him to you!

EVERYONE can SHARE and PLEDGE to HELP IGNACIO. Follow his social media page here.

DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION! They know who the adopter is!!

Email the following:

Annette Jose (Director): [email protected]

Georgina Vargus (Exec. Asst. to Director): [email protected]

Alejandra Duran (Head Veterinarian):

[email protected]

Maria Serrano (Asst Head Veterinarian):

[email protected]

Please share Ignacio’s plight. This poor guy deserves better.

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