UPDATE: Absolutely heartbreaking decision to set abused and abandoned dog Sadie ‘free’

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In Berks County, Pennsylvania, a stray, emaciated dog had been dumped along the side of Bellman’s Church Road. It had been over the weekend that Zoe’s House Rescue immediately stepped forward to help.

The sweet dog named Sadie, had been near death when discovered. At the veterinarian’s office her pulse had been very weak, and her blood pressure extremely low. Sadie was immediately started on intravenous fluids and glucose and her chances of survival seemed unlikely. The vets said Sadie “was actively trying to die.” It had then been determined Sadie had been suffering from a uterine infection and mastitis after having recently given birth to puppies. When found, her body was septic, and she had been too weak to even stand.

Sadly, Sadie’s puppies were later found stuffed in a grocery bag; none of the puppies were found alive.

Sadie seemed to have rebounded a bit, and the signs were there that she had been fighting to survive. Tragically, her condition took a turn for the worst.

And on Thursday the heartbreaking news had been posted on the organization’s Facebook page:

Her condition took a turn for the worst, and they could no longer control her labored breathing. Her blood pressure was too low despite the plasma and albumin transfusions, and we couldn’t stop the source of infection. The fluids she needed to fight were filling up her lungs. She was getting weaker. We were out of options.


Sadie’s infection had been relentless:

Unfortunately, Sadie’s infections kept reinfecting her despite all of the measures being taken. She was too thin and weak to fight off what was ravaging her poor little body. The only option was surgery, which the vets said putting her under anesthesia would be euthanasia. Keeping her alive would be inhumane.


The rescue has promised to help find and prosecute the person(s) responsible for this terrible animal cruelty case. Please, if you see something, say something.

Rest in peace Sadie. We are all sorry to have lost you.

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