Shelter dog occasionally releases ‘inner chihuahua demon’ with ‘few screws loose’ up for adoption

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At the Anderson, South Carolina animal shelter, Anderson County PAWS, a rather odd and amusing description of a nine-year-old chihuahua named Sporty has been garnering a heap of attention on social media.

Meet Sporty, and his description begins:

Okay, we have to be honest here. Sporty is … an interesting guy. By just looking into his wall-eyed gaze, you can tell there are a few screws loose.


And the description continues:

We’re never quite sure what he’s thinking, if he is at all. What we are sure of, however is that Sporty is the textbook definition of a Chihuahua. sporty will quickly know if he’s not ‘vibing’ with you. Or, he may lure you into a trap of false comfort until he suddenly releases his inner chihuahua demon and attacks your shoe.


The adorable little guy’s description, however did include his positive features, stating he does have his favorite people and those are his fans who Sporty readily allows to pick him up, cuddle with him and kiss him as his tiny face shows mutual love.

But be on the lookout:

So he’s very much capable of love! Now we totally understand that most people don’t want a crazed chi-chi with a thousand-yard stare running around their home.


The shelter firmly believes, however that the perfect human is out there ready to give Sporty a great home and work through the little guy’s behavioral challenges.

If you’re up for the challenge of earning Sporty’s trust and loyalty, he’ll be waiting for you at Anderson County PAWS! Open M, T, Th, F & Sat. 12 – 5.

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