Rescuers thought dog was pile of trash under an old broken down car

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In the Los Angeles County of Watts, two rescuers had been trying to trap kittens who had escaped from a store that had recently burned to the ground. It had been Lou and Arturo, who bent down to look for the kittens under an old broken down car, and thought the pile they spotted had been just trash under the vehicle.

It was at that moment, however that it moved, and it was then they realized it was a dog barely moving. He was matted so badly and covered in hundreds of ticks. It seems as if he was just waiting to be noticed and wanted so badly to be rescued. Minutes later, he slowly surrendered to his rescuers.

Suzette Hall, founder of  Logan’s Legacy 29, met the volunteers at the site and immediately worked to rush the exhausted dog to the organization’s partner veterinarian.

We didn’t even know if he was a boy or a girl. This poor baby was literally suffering. We got him to my vet; he had pale gums. My vet said he had never seen so many ticks before. They had to shave him down right away.

Suzette Hall on Facebook

It wasn’t until he had been shaved down that it could be determined the dog was a male. Veterinarians are waiting for the results of his blood tests.

Meet Skates – he already feels better, and he no longer looks like a pile of trash. He has been rescued.

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  1. Totally heartbreaking situation!!! It’s great that he was helped by good people who took him their veterinarian for life saving treatment. I hope he recovers ASAP and finds a new furever family who will treasure him for the rest of his entire life.


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