Rescuer heard desperate dogs crying in a box dumped in alley

In the San Clemente area of California, a Good Samaritan heard dogs whimpering in a box; the pathetic cries emanating from an alley where few people ever bother to walk. Oh, so cute, but cute … Read More

Four-month-old puppy stuffed into cardboard box, covered with leaves and left in the alley for trash pick-up

A four-month-old puppy had been placed in a corrugated box in an alley with leaves and branches covering him up and then dumped helplessly in an alley near the Irvine, California area. And if that … Read More

Lucky skeletal stray rescued and heading for help just in time

In Muscoy, California, Saturday morning began with the discovery of a skeletal stray; how this poor pooch was even walking remains a mystery. No one knows where he came from – only that he needed … Read More