Burglar stealing electric bike befriends family dog with ‘I love you’ and belly rubs

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A suspected thief in San Diego, California stole a bike from a resident’s garage, and surveillance video showed how the burglar made friends with the family dog; the most adorable Golden Retriever at the same time.

According to the San Diego Police Department, the theft occurred on July 15 at 10:40 at night. A man can be seen on surveillance video entering a homeowner’s garage and taking a 2019 black Electra three-speed bicycle worth about $1,300..

this isn’t your average bike; it’s distinct featuring ‘8-ball’ caps on the tire valves, an ‘8-bait’ logo on the frame, and a rear wheel frame marked with a checkered black and white pattern.

San Diego PD

As the suspected burglar was getting ready to leave with the bike, the owner’s dog came out of the house, and instead of guarding his home and its belongings, the dog approached the man with a friendly greeting and delighted receiving some belly rubs.

Authorities have not identified nor apprehended the suspect. He is described as a white man last seen wearing a blue and white hat, gray shirt, blue shorts and orange sneakers. He was carrying a black and blue backpack.

Check out the video on TikTok:


THIEF’S BEST FRIEND? Authorities are looking for a suspect who they say stole a bicycle from a garage in San Diego — with surveillance video showing a golden retriever stopping him for belly rubs and cuddles before he left the scene of the crime. #news #dog #bikethief #sandiego #california

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