‘Operation Skin and Bones’: More than 70 dogs in Mississippi saved from heartbreaking cruelty and neglect

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There are currently more than 70 dogs and puppies, across two properties, that have been rescued by staff and volunteers from the Animal Rescue Corps over the past two days in Newton, Mississippi. The dogs and puppies had been left to suffer and die from a lack of water, food, extreme heat and needed medical care.

Many of the dogs had been left chained and have so far exhibited severe dental damage including ground and missing teeth trying to escape from their heavy chains.

At the site, rescuers have reported at least 15 sets of intact remains on the property; both locked in the small cages where dogs took their last breaths and scattered across the grounds. It is estimated, however by the amount of bones found strewn across the property, the number of deceased dogs could be much higher.

Surviving dogs are infested with parasites, emaciated, dehydrated, and suffering from untreated illnesses and injuries.  

In the rescue effort by Animal Rescue Corps, named Operation Skin and Bones, the previous rescue owners for Second Paw Dog Rescue face felony animal neglect charges. The rescuer efforts to help these dogs are now partnered with Cathy Bissell and BISSELL Pet Foundation, who have offered a generous challenge match of $20,000 — your gift can be doubled now to go twice as far.

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Updates to follow.

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