Mother dog and her four-day-old puppies dumped in trash bin outside grocery store recovering

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In Las Vegas, the Animal Foundation is caring for a sweet mother dog and her four-day-old puppies that had been dumped in a trash bin outside of a local grocery store.

On Wednesday, the rescue organization stated it had been a passerby who heard the mother dog crying for help that made her contact Animal Protection Services where the family was promptly brought to the Animal Foundation and medical care began immediately.

An exam at the shelter revealed the ordeal of labor had taken a toll on her fragile body: the dog named Shiva suffered from a prolapsed uterus. She was severely underweight, dehydrated and had low blood pressure. Surgery was performed, and the next few days were touch and go, as Shiva’s prognosis remained guarded. Fortunately, the eight-pound dog was able to survive the infection that had previously overwhelmed her tiny body.

Shiva’s recovery has been amazing. The staff states she is a wonderful mom; nursing and caring for her puppies in a loving foster home. She is sweet and gentle, and her eyes light up when her foster family showers her with the affection and cuddles she craves.

Thanks to donors Shiva and her puppies will only know love from here on out. The organization’s CARE Fund is for animals who need special care in extreme circumstances; 100% of donations goes directly to medical care.

If you would like to be a hero to help more animals like Shiva and her puppies, you can donate here:

Shiva and her puppies are not ready for adoption at this time.

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