Great Pyrenees abandoned and struck by car needs rescue from Texas field

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UPDATE: Rescued. Going to Houston K-911 Rescue. Please donate at links:


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Zelle [email protected]

The City of Weslaco is centrally located in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, just miles away from the Mexico border. No one knows for sure how this starving and terribly neglect Great Pyrenees showed up all alone and obviously abandoned, but his life is in grave danger. Obviously having no street smarts to survive the streets or scavenge for food, it wasn’t long before he was struck by a vehicle.

On Friday afternoon, this poor mangy soul has barely been able to survive. Good Samaritans have reported spotting the dog having fallen in a ditch approximately five to six feet deep, and it is nearly impossible to find him now.

With bloody drying on the leftover fur he has. In horrific shape. I guess they got tired of looking at him being disgusting and filthy. Barely resembling a dog. Mangy and gross.

Facebook via Leslie Hennings

Advocates have been pledging funds for this dog’s medical needs, which will be paid to the approved rescue organization when the dog is receiving proper care. First, he needs to be humanely trapped. Please contact Leslie if you are able to help capture the dog.

As of this report, the dog has not been rescued. Please continue to share his plight with approved rescue organizations, families, friends and social media contacts. Sharing does save lives. Follow the rescue attempt here.

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Mother Nature always delivers 😉
A moth waking up pup?

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