French bulldog abandoned outside of Charleston rescue discovered with serious injuries recovering

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Meet Betty; she’s the adorable French bulldog who was abandoned outside of the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) and left tied to a tree just two days before Christmas.

Last week at 9:30 pm on Thursday just before Christmas, someone abandoned a dog at our gate that was suffering from an injury. She was left tied to a tree in a cardboard box with a life-threatening injury. When our surgical team found her at 7:30 am she needed immediate medical attention. If not for our team’s expertise and care she could have perished. She still has a long road to recovery and is being treated by our team. One can only imagine how much she suffered throughout that cold night alone in the dark.


Time for Betty’s update:

On New Year’s Eve, the shelter had been closed for inventory and when the staff finished, Betty was given a stuffie to play with, and boy did she like that!

She’s a little hesitant leaving the safe room if she’s not used to you, but I just kinda make the high pitched noises and say, ‘come on come on’ or something and little feet taps, then she usually will come out of her shell. ‘She gives little hugs and playful zoomies.’

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Betty is still suffering from gross diarrhea, but she is on the road to recovery.

Check out her quick video; it will warm your heart:

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How’s that for a smile for the camera?
Not so smart goose who thought he was landing on the ice.

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