Family’s 4 dogs killed by swarm of bees that escaped from neighbor’s backyard

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In Palmdale, California, a family is mourning the loss of four of their six dogs after their beloved four legged companions were fatally attacked by a swarm of bees last week.

According to the GoFundMe, organized on behalf of Rebecka Lopez and Daniel Giron, the family veterinarian pulled out 900 stingers from their puppy Pancake’s ears.

Daniel had been at work when Rebecka Face Timed to show him their English bulldogs Sansa and Pancake covered in swarming bees. Their two Doberman Pinchers, Drago and Khalisse were also outside rolling and panicking trying to get the bees off of them too.

When she [Sansa] covered in bees trying to swat them away rolling around in the ground and she tried to run to safety. As my spouse sat there behind the window unable to open it because our kids were inside.

Daniel Giron

The couple rushed the dogs to their veterinarian, hope of saving them was lost. And as the couple went door to door to their neighbors’ homes to warn them of the bee attacks, it was one of the neighbors who stated the bees belonged to them and that they had escaped.

We rushed them to the emergency veterinarian, where we were turned away due to not having funds for an emergency of this scale. We had to visit another vet where they were forced to put Pancake down. Sansa passed due to her injuries and Khalessi passed hours later at home due to the injuries.


The family is currently considering legal action against their neighbor and are hoping to use some of the donations to cover the damage to their home, to their veterinary bills and the continuing care of their surviving dogs.

Rest in peace Sansa, Khalessi, Pancake, and Drago.

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  1. They should definitely sue their negligent neighbor. Vet bills, pain and suffering, property damage……… they should consider hiring an attorney who specializes in animal cases.

    That the neighbor who had these bees did nothing to warm his neighbors is heartless and disgusting. He should be held accountable for this horrible event. He has earned his reserved spot in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for his cruelty and indifference to others.

    Those 4 precious treasures: Sansa, Khalessi, Pancake, and Drago are all in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group. RIP amongst loving friends furever!!!


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