Family adopts ‘unicorn dog’ who endured rough life shortly before she was scheduled to be euth’ed

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For a sweet dog who just loves everyone she meets, even though her previous life had been filled with abuse and neglect, Strawberry’s life had been hanging by a thread. In January 2022, the two-year-old pit bull had been brought to the shelter, and because of two suspicious lumps on her head, scratches on her face and a droopy eye, the decision had been made to end her life.

And then – just like that – Strawberry’s luck changed! She was rescued by the LaBelle Foundation in Los Angeles. Although the shelter had previously thought the tumors on her head were cancerous, testing determined they were scar tissue from an old injury and not life threatening. Strawberry’s life was saved.

removal of the tissue would mean risking her life. We love Strawberry just the way she is and are confident we will find a family for her that feels the same as us


The sweet dog thrived in her new foster home; she was full of unconditional love, and even though there was no denying she had not been treated well in the past, she put those awful memories behind her and became the most loving dog her caretakers could have ever imagined.

If you plan on taking couch naps, she will jump straight up to be your little spoon. She loves to cuddle and spend time with her humans. So far, she’s been great with all people and other dogs. She walks well on a leash, but can get distracted by other dogs or the sound of a ball. She is BALL OBSESSED. Seriously, she will run up and down alongside the tennis court for HOURS if you let her. She is 90% potty trained, and sleeps overnight in her crate.


Strawberry liked saying hello to strangers on her walks, and she never seemed to mind that they sometimes looked at her head a little funny. Her bump didn’t seem to bother her at all, and worked great as a chin rest when she was cuddled in the arms of her temporary family.

It was a social media post that attracted a family in South Pasadena to want to adopt her; shall we say love at first sight? According to NbcNews, “something spoke to Kristin Kuhlman about her,” and she continued to see Strawberry on the website with no one offering to adopt her.

Kristin and her family had just been through the sadness of the death of their 15-year-old dog, and so decided to bring Strawberry home and love her. The children love playing fetch with her and love even more the snuggles and love this sweet dog is always willing to give.

Strawberry is loved, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Many thanks to this wonderful family for setting such a beautiful example of rescuing a shelter pal.

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