Woman’s close encounter with shark on Vineyard Haven sandy beach

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In Tisbury, Massachusetts, a Martha’s Vineyard resident had a close encounter with a shark, and it wasn’t a science fiction movie. Amanda Borland and her dog, Hamish, had been on their daily walk in Vineyard Haven on Friday when they stopped at a sandy part near the end of the Lagoon Pond drawbridge to play.

According to Boston25News, had been searching for some sea glass when she spotted a porbeagle shark swimming close to the shore. At first Amanda thought the shark was just swimming by on its way back to the deeper water, but then he turned around and came nearly face to face with the woman and her dog.

Possibly the shark thought her dog was a seal? Another theory is the shark is suffering from a bacterial infection in its brain which leaves it disoriented.

Porbeagle sharks (named after its combination resemblance of a porpoise and a beagle and its hunting method) prefer colder temperatures and although they are physically capable of attacking humans, they rarely do so. Fortunately the shark finally left, but Amanda was able to capture part of the encounter on video.

Check out the video:

No woman, no dog nor shark were harmed during this video.

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