Stray portly dog became local landmark on Google Maps and gets five star reviews

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A portly pup who lives in Tbilisi, Georgia has become a local landmark because she is always in the same spot waiting for tourists to give her treats. The friendly stray, named Watermelon, has received more than 84 five-star reviews on Google Maps for being such a good girl. No kidding!

The story goes that Watermelon, also called Sweet Bun, had been cared for by an elderly woman during the Covid-19 lockdown. And if you look closely, a blue tag on her ear is the designation that she is homeless, but absolutely harmless. Some people thought the tag had been a TripAdvisor tag.

Watermelon lives in a cardboard box along Amaghleba Street and is often spotted walking up and down the street searching for treats. A local shopkeeper has kept an eye on her since she settled in the spot and tells tourists they can buy her a can of dog food, but has asked that she not be fed so many treats. Obviously, we can all see that request has not been followed, but the shopkeeper is concerned about Watermelon’s health. It would seem Watermelon just keeps eating and doesn’t know when to stop.

Jose Melian/ Twitter

Don’t believe me? Try typing in “Watermelon Dog Georgia” on Google Maps, and you will find her address to be 13 Amaghleba Street which is across the street from a bank and a liquor store.

Some of her reviews rival the best tourist attractions:

Very beautiful and intelligent doggo.


Great pupper! Totally 5 starts!


Great dog! I’ve been there, bought her food in an iron can with a white dog on it.


The best thing I’ve seen in my life.

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