Ross Township police officer adopts one of the 117 dogs he helped to rescue

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In Ross Township, Pennsylvania, a police officer made the day for one of 117 dogs rescued from a home on Ridgeside Road almost three years ago. The dogs were filthy, underweight, and frightened. Officer Warren Lillie, from the Ross Township Police Department, had been the initial responding officer and assisted in the removal and care of the dogs during the investigation.

At the time, authorities believed Mary Frankovic, 65, and her son had been breeding the animals inside of their home. When rescuers entered the home, they had to wear oxygen masks, tanks and protective clothing because ammonia levels had been so high, it created a dangerous situation.

Most of the dogs were Australian shepherd mixes. Some of the dogs were emaciated and needed emergency veterinary care. The dogs were taken in and cared for at Animal Friends where they were all adopted once they were healthy.

According to CBSNews, Mary Frankovic pled guilty to the felony charge and two misdemeanors; cruelty to animals and neglect of sheltered animals. As part of her probation, she is not permitted to care for any animals during the next ten years.

Officer Lillie adopted one of the dogs that he helped rescue. He was recently honored by Animal Friends for his hard work.

Many thanks to our awesome animal loving police officers. You guys rock!

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