‘One of the sweetest’ dogs shot in face is now safe and loved

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Along the streets of St. Louis, Tasha had likely been a stray and tried her best to scavenge for food and just live her life – no matter how hard the odds of a down and out of luck dog could have been. She never bothered anyone, hoped for some scraps to stave off her hunger and rested under trees to avoid the oppressive heat of the city’s streets.

Tragically, on Monday morning, the good folks at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, were told about a dog who had been shot in the face. Volunteers rushed out, found her and transferred the gentle, injured pup to an emergency veterinarian for life-saving treatment.

Tasha is “one of the sweetest” dogs the rescue organization staff has ever met. She is trusting and has surrendered her kind heart and soul to the humans who found her. She has a fractured lower jaw and is receiving the care she needs. Surgery will be scheduled to repair the damage some heartless human inflicted upon this gentle soul.

She’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight, knowing that she is safe and loved. Say a prayer for her, we adore her.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Stray Rescue of St. Louis reports a sharp increase of abuse and violence, and what makes it even more tragic is that not one of the dogs has a mean bone in their body nor would they hurt a fly.

The rescue is sponsoring their first ever A Walk to Remember to raise funds between now and September 22, when the rescue staff and volunteers will walk one mile to honor the souls lost this summer and to help dogs like Tesha.

No matter your area code, your time zone, or the country you live in, you can join our event and help us save lives!!

We are looking for 100 people 

To commit to each raising just $100

And walk 1 mile on September 22, 2022!

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