German Shepherds rescued from deplorable conditions at ‘certified’ breeder property

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German shepherds living in squalor were recently rescued from a “certified” breeder in Pennsylvania. A total of 13 dogs were removed from deplorable conditions at a residence in Butler after the Pennsylvania State Police served a warrant at the property.

The ANNA Shelter took part in the rescue effort and on August 31, they said:

BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Once again – hats off to our amazing PA State Police ! We assisted yesterday with this case where a warrant was served on an AKC registered breeder of German Shepherds who was keeping dogs in deplorable conditions. Puppies were being sold online while they and their parents were living in these conditions!

The dogs were “infested” with fleas and lice and covered in urine. At the shelter, they were bathed and fed – finally free from the filth they had been living in for too long.

Finally clean

The shelter expects the dogs to be made available for adoption. The name of the so-called breeder was not released.

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