Missing grey wolf found after escaping from zoo when ‘hole cut in fence’

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The Greater Vancouver Zoo has assured the public the grey wolves that had escaped on Friday via a suspicious “hole cut in the fence” of their enclosure are no longer a threat to the public. Most of the wolves were quickly caught, with one-year-old Tempest found on Friday morning, after a three-day search and rescue mission.

It is believed a pack of nine wolves had been set free from the Greater Vancouver Zoo by vandals earlier this week as officials described the situation “suspicious and believed to be due to malicious intent.” Their enclosure included the nine wolves and six cubs. Unfortunately, a three-year-old wolf named Chia, the second oldest female of the pack, was found dead on the side of the road near the zoo on Thursday morning.

According to the Daily Star, the zoo closed to the public since the wolves escaped on Tuesday. On Saturday, the zoo reopened, and Tempest has been reunited with her family.

Police and the RCMP are investigating what is believed to be malicious vandalism.

Rest in peace Chia.

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