Loyal dog guarded his family’s foreclosed home for a month waiting for them to return

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For over a month, a Black Mouth Cur mix named Salvatore, refused to leave the abandoned house he once called home. The loyal dog was sure his family would return for him, and even though they left him at the soon to be foreclosed home in Florida without any food, water or shelter during the hottest weather imaginable, Salvatore just waited near the front door.

Dog rescuer Gloria Cabal, had been heartbroken over the dog’s situation, but no matter how hard she tried to coax him over to her, Salvatore was just too scared to leave his spot – the loyal pup was sure his family would return at any time.

He is on his own yard, being very protective, scared of the leash and the trap is a monster for him. He will bark at men non stop and won’t allow anyone near him.

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When it became time to list the home for sale, a local realtor shooed Salvatore off the property towards a local park. That’s the moment when the dog finally realized his family was not coming back for him. That’s the moment when he walked up to Gloria as if to say – “I’m ready to go with you. Please help me.” And to the Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

Salvatore wore his sadness through his demeanor; his eyes looked downward – his spirit seemed almost broken. Day after day, it was Gloria who spent time, with an infinite amount of patience, working with Salvatore; trying to build up his confidence again.

… There were so many obstacles put in her path, but her compassion prevailed.


And it wasn’t long before Salvatore became a favorite pooch for the volunteers. From a very shy dog, he let down his walls and became a true cuddle bug who loved to curl up and take in all the affection offered while relaxing on the couch.

On October 20, the best update appeared on the rescue’s Facebook page. Salvatore was adopted!

ADOPTION ALERT! Handsome Salvatore has found his FURever home! For those of you that have been following his story, this sweet boy was left alone in the yard of his former home when his prior owners decided to move away and leave Salvatore behind. Salvatore waited for weeks for his family, but they never showed. Now, Salvatore has an amazing family to call his own, one that will never abandon or discard him. Thank you Chris for opening up your heart and home for this sweet boy. Special thanks to Gloria Cabal for her efforts in getting Salvatore to us. We appreciate you!


Happy life Salvatore, you do deserve it.

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