Lost pug stayed in same spot over a week and neighbors wanted him ‘gone’ until help came

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In Bell Gardens, California, a lost or abandoned pug showed up more than a week ago and stayed in the same spot on the sidewalk at a busy street crossing. Everyone in the area complained and wanted him “gone.”

The poor pup wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him; at the sight of a person trying to come close to him, the terrified dog would run away. Yet, the dog wouldn’t leave that small area. It was as if someone had dropped him off at that spot, and this loyal dog waited at the exact spot expecting his owner to return.

When Suzette Hall, founder of the rescue, Logan’s Legacy 29 started in memory of her son, was asked by Good Samaritans to help, she didn’t hesitate.

Every day I feel him lead me to animals in need through street rescue.

Suzette Hall on Instagram – founder of Logan’s Legacy29

Suzette arrived and set a humane trap, and with the help of several kind women was able to get the dog into someone’s yard, leash him and guide him safely into the trap.

This poor baby was so hungry and thirsty, see video below of him drinking and eating a can of chicken.

Suzette Hall Facebook



The dog was exhausted and according to Suzette – snored on the way to his foster home. He knew he was safe, and he knew he was rescued.

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Rescued in loving memory of my angel 😇


Forever a eagle 🦅

Joshua 1:9

Updates to follow.

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