Kyiv zoo animals escaped to Poland as Russian artillery fired during their journey

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Six lions, four tigers, an African wild dog and a capuchin monkey escaped to Poland from across the Ukraine as Russian artillery fired all around them during their harrowing three-day journey to safety.

Piles of food had to be piled along with the animals giving them the best chances for survival.

According to the Zoo Poznan Official Site, the animals had been sheltered near the Kyiv airport when Russian shelling began, and the decision was made to evacuate the animals. The trip was harrowing as the rescue convoy ran into Russian tanks and changing routes to avoid bombs and Russian troops.

Beloved, two years ago my words and tears: “we managed to save all of them”, started the fight for the health and dignified life of the Immortal Tigers, rescued from the Polish-Belarusian border. Today we return from the border again and save the animals of Kiev, affected by war and special suffering. I hope they can restore it to full strength. Six lions, six tigers, lyakon, two caracals miraculously survived transport through the region ravaged by war and fire. They are already going to the zoo in Poznan and are a symbol of saving lives, whose value is enormous, especially when in Ukraine we witness war crimes committed against people and animals

Zoo Poznan

Poznan Zoo director Ewa Zgrabczynska stated getting out of a country under attack is extremely difficult as nearly a million refugees from the country have already discovered. With animals, it is even harder. Some of the animals have been left behind, however more evacuation attempts are ongoing.

We did it guys! All of them are alive ! But the check-in lasts for eight hours in the frost – people and animals are exhausted. We fear for the old tiger, fifty tigers and one lion.

Zoo Poznan

Some of the rescued animals will be heading to sanctuaries in Spain and Belgium where they have been offered shelter.

From the zoo’s official site, however there is a lot more work still to be done.

Zoo Poznań Official Site

 Darlings, we have not caught our breath yet, but we continue to help, because the authorities of the City of Poznan and the zoo will not remain indifferent to the fate of people and animals of Ukraine! Just from Odessa, from hell, with another heroine of Ukraine set off two lions that Poznań will try to save! Please keep your fingers crossed. I am also very happy to announce that the Deputy President of the City of Poznan agreed that the roaring tigers would stay with us for a longer time, and Ukrainian children could visit their animals in the zoo, details tomorrow. We are returning to the border and are asking for help: contributions to our account and financial assistance: medicines, food for dogs and cats – mainly cans, long term, and dry food. Pellets for birds, small mammals and hoofs. Transporters – preferably large (transporters on the street) Extreme New Zoo) . The Lviv Zoo is waiting for our help and we have to make it. Natalia’s asylum in Kiev is filling up again. We need to help ! Long live free Ukraine!

Poznan Zoo

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  1. Regarding the zoo animals in Ukraine, as some were sent to Poland, I think. But you still have a lot more animals to save, right? What about the gorilla? Is he still alive? I will try to donate when I can, as low on funds right now. But will share information on Facebook. Please update on the other zoo animals. Thank you.


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