Heartwarming: Security guard carries stray pooch very gently out of shopping center

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In a shopping center in Viña del Mar, Chile, just a few days ago, the sweetest security guard showed compassion and kindness when dealing with a street dog who had wandered inside.

Acting professionally, but with the heart of a dog lover, the security guard tenderly scooped the sweet dog up into his arms and carried him to the exit.

The video was shared on  social media platform TikTok  by the user Roberto Andres who filmed the heartwarming scene on his phone as he walked behind the guard.

“Things are very bad these days.”

Roberto Andres on TikTok

Obviously Roberto was only kidding, and what’s not to like about people who are kind to animals – especially our four-legged pals who are homeless and depend on the kindness of humans to help them out – even some hugging and loving help.

The video has garnered more than 87,000 views and lots of sweet words for the security guard and the dog. We are all hoping some one kind who sees this article and video from this area will want to find this pup and give him a home. Please let us know.

Photos via Robert Andres on TikTok

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