‘Cuddly as a kitten,’ unclaimed stray is a shelter staff favorite

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A year-old stray dog is a staff favorite at the Livingston County Animal Shelter in Michigan. The Great Pyrenees, who is said to be as “cuddly as a kitten,” has actually been named Kitten and the shelter staff is hopeful that someone will want to give him a home.

On Wednesday, the animal welfare agency said:

Arriving as a stray and unclaimed by his owner has us left filling in some blanks. “Kitten” LOVES all people and most dogs (he is easily intimidated by rambunctious play), he enjoys walks, but can be shy to get the walk started. New things are scary for him, stairs for instance, he will not go up or down, getting in the car requires him to be picked up, heading out a door he does not know and the brakes are on. This pup can be anxious, he really likes being around people or outdoors. “Kitten” is going to be an amazing dog for someone that can give him time to adjust and patience with building confidence/trust.

Kitten is a “big teddy bear” who appears to be housetrained and good around well-behaved kids and cats. And who could resist his amazing smile?

It is hard to imagine that this dog’s family is not frantically searching for him, but alas, that appears to be the case. If you are interested in learning more, you can reach the shelter at (517) 546-2154 or find their website here.

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