Two stray cats in Sioux City: One without eyes guided by his bonded mate

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In Sioux City, Iowa, two affectionate cats were picked up as strays on Monday and brought to the Sioux City Animal Rescue. Not that finding cats roaming the streets is an unusual occurrence, but this particular bonded pair of lovely felines were different, and neither cat wanted to be separated from their heartwarming bond.

According to KxanNews, Chris Wall, the vice president of the rescue, stated these were the most bonded cats he had ever seen.

“One male, one female. It was obvious at the time that the male had visual impairment, to the point of having no eyes. He’s just sort of got the sockets where the eyes were…”

Chris Wall

The cats never leave each other’s side, and it is thought they must have an owner nearby and just may have been lost. Both cats were found in good health and are very affectionate.

The owner of the two special felines hopefully will be found by Monday so that they can all go home together. If not, the cats will be made available for adoption on Tuesday, and the best scenario would be for the cats to be placed in a home with no other pets. And the prime caveat – the cats must remain together.

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