Elderly woman attacked by mother moose outside of her home in Colorado

Young moose killed
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In Glenwood Springs, Colorado, a 79-year-old woman was attacked on Friday evening by a female moose outside of her home. The woman had been dog sitting for a friend and had seen the moose earlier in the day with her two calves. Later in the day, the woman did not see the moose and assumed it was safe to take the dog outside. It was not and the moose attacked.

According to the press release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), a resident of the home witnessed the brutal attack.

“This likely was an incident of a cow protecting her calves. Since Friday night we have been talking with the local residents to educate them about living in moose habitat, the potential dangers associated with interacting with moose and actions they can take to minimize the risk of conflict.”

Area Wildlife Manager Matt Yamashita

There have been no previous reports about aggressive behavior, and because there are other moose living in the area with their calves, identifying the moose who attacked has been puzzling. Unless there are more reports of aggression, the search for the mother moose and her calves has been stopped.

The incident was no fault of the woman, and unfortunately conflicts with wild animals can occur. Wildlife officials warn residents should a moose become aggressive, run and hide behind a large object such as a boulder or a tree.

The woman remains in the hospital after sustaining serious injuries.

Moose are Colorado’s biggest wild animal and is the most dangerous.

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