Some awful person let Misty almost starve to death: Now rescue organization hopes she can pull through

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In South Florida, someone never bothered to care for their dog. By the time she was discovered, Misty was extremely ill; she had been left to nearly starve to death. According to the rescue organization that has stepped forward to help, Dogs On the Move, one more day and Misty’s life would have been over.

Misty was rushed to LeadER Animal Hospital where her condition remains critical. She is so emaciated that she cannot be given any solid food and a tube has been inserted to give her the nourishment needed via intravenous feeding. She can barely lift her head and is unable to walk or even stand because she is so weak. And despite the cruelty and neglect Misty has been subjected to – she still wags her tail a bit to show her appreciation to the doctors, nurses and technicians helping her to survive.

In her latest update, Misty has been diagnosed with pneumonia, is anaplasmosis positive, kidney values are off the charts and both her kidneys and liver are not functioning correctly. In addition her sodium level is high and could cause brain dysfunction as well as end her life.

“She has had many tests & scans yesterday and today and we suspect more tests will follow. LeadER Animal Hospital in the best at what they do and we know that she is getting the best care possible. So rest assured that everything that can be done is being done.”

Bonnie & Amy for Misty Dogs on the Move

Donations can be made several ways:

PayPal or Zelle:

Venmo: @dogsonthemove

You can also call your donation directly into the vet’s office at LeadER: 954-437-9630 and tell them it’s for MISTY of DOGS ON THE MOVE.

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