Inconsolable mother dog whose only puppy died at birth finds help and two puppies to heal her broken heart

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Dixie was rescued late last week from a disturbing hoarding situation in Delano, California by the Animal Foundation of America. When the Chihuahua arrived at the rescue she was very pregnant and due to give birth at any time. Along with Dixie came her best friend – a black Chihuahua. At least they had each other.

Two days later, Dixie gave birth to one puppy, but he died early the next morning. The new mom was inconsolable. She cried, and she screamed for her baby. She refused to eat or sleep. Everyone wanted to help, but Dixie seemed just to want to give up.

And then Cathi Perez, an extremely popular and respected rescuer, reached out to the community for help. On social media, the word went out searching for a small breed, underaged puppy who needed a mom. The Labelle Foundation responded. They had an older mother with a large litter of puppies and thought that two of the puppies could be given to Dixie without causing the other mom any distress.

“With the proper intro protocols in place, Christina Hackett paired them up, and for the first time since her baby died she was able to be happy, her broken heart is whole again.”

Cathi Perez

And yes, it does take a village, but the happy endings make all the work worthwhile. Many thanks to everyone involved in this monumental endeavor making a dog’s life the best it can be.

Check out the video:

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