Shelter dog gets standing ovation as he leaves Tennessee shelter as longest resident

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A dog in Chattanooga, Tennessee received a standing ovation as he left the shelter on September 9, 2021, with his favorite human. Big Mac, a one-and-a-half-year-old dog, had been at the McKarney Animal Shelter since December 2020 after his owner dropped him off, noting that they had been moving and no longer had time for Big Mac.

According to, Lauren Mann, the advancement manager at the shelter, said he became the shelter’s longest resident. Sadly, Big Mac suffered from “stranger danger” and was wary of meeting new people and places. As described by the shelter, Big Mac wasn’t one of those very adoptable dogs who would come up to someone and start kissing them on the face or cuddle against someone’s arms begging for a doggy hug.

Big Mac didn’t attract too many potential adopters, but he had several foster homes who helped him build his self-confidence before going to his fourth and last one. And lucky for Big Mac, his charm rubbed off on his last foster home, and 260 days later, he went home.

It was a special day for Big Mac and the shelter, and to celebrate the occasion, everyone from the staff and volunteers too – lined up outside of the shelter as Big Mac left for the last time and gave the happy pooch a standing ovation.

Please don’t shop for your next canine or feline pal when you can adopt. Look how happy Big Mac and his human partner are now! Isn’t it worth it to bring such happiness to others?

To help other shelter dogs like Big Mac find their forever homes, you can donate or make an appointment with the McKamey Animal Center.

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