Devastated owner issues warning after beloved rescue dog snatched by predators

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Winter Park, Florida – A devastated dog owner is issuing a warning to other pet owners about the dangers of wild predators following the disappearance of his beloved rescue dog, Rusty. As reported by WESH News, the senior Jack Russell terrier mix wanted out early Tuesday morning, and his owner, Bill Delaporte, obliged.

Delaporte tells the news agency that he lit up the yard with a flood light first, and after it appeared to be clear, he let his dog out. Rusty was left alone in the yard for a short period of time, and during those moments, he vanished. After an unsuccessful search of the area, Delaporte decided to look at footage from his wildlife camera – and what he found broke his heart.

Two coyotes could be seen on the video – one of them had Rusty in its mouth. He told WESH News:

“I want to protect other pets. You know, you don’t see these coyotes. They’re nocturnal and so you know I should have waited till daylight. I kind of feel responsible.”

The Delaportes have an invisible fence around the perimeter of their yard, but it is only good for keeping pets in…not predators out. Rusty’s family is heartbroken about the loss of their dog, but hopeful that others will take better precautions to keep their own pets safe from predators.

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