Rescuer takes in dog suffering from horrible burns believed to be caused by a meth lab

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An animal rescuer in Michigan has taken in a dog who is believed to have been burned in a meth lab. Kate Pounders, with Katie’s K9s, took in the young husky mix in December – she explains in a fundraiser that the dog has horrible chemical burns over 40 percent of his back, and she thinks that he has been suffering with them for weeks.

According to Pounders, the dog, named Waco, was living in a Holland, Michigan, campground with his meth-addicted owner. The rescuer said that Waco had not eaten for five days when she learned about his dire situation. Thankfully she was able to get the dog out of the appalling situation.

After posting a fundraiser to help Waco get treatment for his burns, compassionate people donated over $11,000. And Waco is enjoying life outside of the campground. Pounders tells Woodtv:

“He’s just the happiest dog now. He loves to play with other dogs. He loves to cuddle.”

You can follow Waco’s progress at this link to Katie’s K9s Facebook page. Find the fundraiser at this link.

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