Woman who doesn’t like sharing a bed with her boyfriend and his Staffordshire terrier turns to social media for advice

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On a popular London based social media site, called Mumsnet created to discuss social issues and parenting situations with children and teens, a woman called upon the participants to shed some advice about her sharing a bed with her boyfriend and his Staffordshire terrier.

According to Newsweek, the woman identified as Strawbz8988, told the forum she loves the dog, so don’t misconstrue that part. The dog is a rescue and is well behaved; often she even walks the pooch, so there’s obviously no argument with the dog being loveable.

Yet, there is a problem.

He’s a solid heavy dog and when he’s laid on the bottom you can’t move your feet or the duvet. If he’s in between us we can’t roll over. I rarely can fully lie properly with my boyfriend when we are asleep.


Her boyfriend, although he does admit he doesn’t always sleep that great because of how the dog spreads himself out on the bed, feels it’s just common practice to sleep with his dog.

In addition, the woman stated sometimes she is grossed out if the dog had been outside in the damp weather and had defecated; his smell gets all over the bed when he comes back into the house and jumps in bed.

She then ended her post by asking for advice and hoped that her boyfriend would be okay if the dog slept in the bed next to them.

Needless to say, everyone has an opinion, with some people agreeing that dogs don’t belong in the bed with humans and perhaps getting Fido his own bed would be the solution. Then again, there are the people who insist the dog came first, and the girlfriend should tread lightly since she is the newcomer.

Other solutions included getting a bigger bed for the three of them to sleep in, or to slowly change the dog’s sleeping spot on the bed to a more compatible spot nearby, but not on the bed.

Just days ago, a young woman told her boyfriend to take a hike after he complained the woman’s beloved cat was “dirty,” social media rushed to her defense. Using the name AITA_Shower on Reddit, the owner explained her special connection to her cat – Crumb – who had been with her since a kitten of only three-months.

AITA found the kitten when she had been abandoned and nursed the black kitten her back to health. The two had formed a very b special bond, and admitted that Crumb ran the household as most cats do in their respective homes.

When her boyfriend said either the “cat or me”, the answer seemed obvious:

So I said, ‘OK bye.’ Not only is Crumb 10000x more important to me, but I also laughed in Kyle’s face about never kissing/locking my cat again.


But even though Crumb meant more to her obviously than Kyle, the woman still felt badly about how she treated Kyle and asked for advice from her friends and the internet. There were 17,000 upvotes supporting her decision.

What do you think?

Read the article about the cat and the now ex-boyfriend here.

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