El Segundo firemen bravely rescue pooch stuck on freeway overpass

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No one knows how a frightened little dog became stranded on the 105 Freeway overpass in El Segundo, California on Monday. The scared little guy wasn’t even sure he wanted to be rescued as he repeatedly nipped at the fireman trying to rescue him from the dangerous ledge.

According to the El Segundo Fire Department Facebook page, numerous people had contacted the fire department reporting the dog’s dangerous situation.

Doggie rescued! T32 with the grab of a dog who somehow found itself on the overpass of the 105 freeway east of PCH. Firefighter Howell suffered a few minor bites while the dog was safely brought to ground. You never know what kind of call you’re going to respond to when the tones go off.

El Segundo FD Twitter

The dog was taken to the West Los Angeles Animal Services, however he is no longer at the shelter.

An update has been posted by a community member:

This dog’s name is Coco and it’s been reunited with it’s family. Their husky got out at the same time, the dogs went on an adventure, got separated and the white dog ended up on the side of the freeway. Both dogs are home safe now. There’s a thread about it on Nextdoor.

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    Gee ya think some evil human threw him out of a car or tossed him over the wall? To small to have jump there on his own. I watched the video on tv the other day. Good job firemen!


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