Owners of 6-month-old shepherd they accidentally ran over felt it cheaper to euthanize than help him

In Los Angeles, California, a six-month-old German shepherd named Bruno had been asleep when his owners pulled into the driveway of their home. They expected Bruno to move,  but the puppy had been fast asleep and didn’t hear them – tragically the puppy was struck by the vehicle.

Bruno was seriously injured; his pelvis was fractured and his hip was dislocated, and so he would need orthopedic surgery.  And instead of ordering the surgery needed to save Bruno, the family asked their family veterinarian to euthanize the puppy.

The staff at the hospital reached out to Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles to help Bruno and help him receive the surgery he needs.

“Such a precious baby! Hard for us to even imagine. It was their fault and they weren’t going to give him a chance?

Another baby who needs a Westside family to be there for him…”

Bruno is on his way and being prepared for surgery.

To donate, please use this link, which is dedicated to Bruno:
Venmo: @WestsideGSR, Pin: 8909
Checks: WGSR 3016 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90007

Will I still fit on your lap mom?


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  1. Gen says:

    They don’t deserve to have another dog or cat or any pet for that matter. Obviously they can’t care for a pet. “They thought it would move” Good thing it wasn’t kids playing.


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