Terribly neglected pup eating rocks to survive and now struck by car

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In a rural area of Edinburg, Texas, a terribly neglected pup who ate rocks to survive was struck by a car and brought to the nearest shelter by animal control on Thursday.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were contacted and have made arrangements to transport her to the emergency veterinarian hospital for life-saving treatment. At this time, the dog, now dubbed Birdie is unable to walk, and it is suspected she may be suffering from fractures to her pelvis and spine.

And perhaps even more tragic, is the physical and likely mental condition Birdie was in prior to having been struck by the vehicle. Just from her photos, it is so evident the mats and tangles around her legs and abdomen more than likely inhibited her movement also.

A radiograph of Birdie’s abdomen show rocks which have caused a severe obstruction.

“She was starved and eating rocks which have no caused this serious condition,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page to bring awareness to this poor dog’s plight.

“Just take one look at her and you know she was on the streets for years suffering, she is full of mats, maggots and black bugs crawling all over her body. She’s filthy dirty and looks the same as trash on  the streets. How could anyone just turn away from this poor soul?”



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Rescue Dogs Rock NYC really need your help.

Donations are desperately needed , her medical will be a fortune .
We stand by you Birdie , 100%…
Please hold on help is on the way …

Will I still fit on your lap mom?


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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I am very happy that Birdie is rescued and getting the veterinary care that she has desperately needed for way too long……

    I am certain that once she is recovered from her surgeries, is well fed and properly groomed, she will be quickly rehomed!!! I hope her new furever family will treat her as a beloved family member for the rest of her lifetime…… she absolutely deserves the best after her horrible life experiences in Texas (& it’s amazing how she survived)!!!


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