Military family’s dogs hit by train in need of community help

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A United States Air Force military family recently welcomed Dustin Brewer home from his recent overseas deployment. Through his many trips away from home, he wasn’t just missed by his wife and children; Dustin’s two Labrador retrievers, Zoey and Bella have always been there to greet him as well as provide comfort for the entire family.

Dustin is due to be away from his family for one year this winter for an overseas assignment.

Just days ago, the Kansas family experienced the unthinkable for dog owners; Zoey and Bella escaped their yard and were severely injured in an accident with a train. Neighbors were quick to respond and rushed the dogs to a nearby veterinary hospitals who were able to attend to the dogs’ life-threatening injuries.

“Zoey is still in ICU in critical condition but she is more cognizant and even stood up today!! Her skull fracture appears to be on the road to healing as well. Dr. Horsey and the El Paso staff have been amazing! The Dr. put in a call to a soft tissue specialist to discuss her front leg to determine if any of it can be saved or if it must be amputated (nearly half of her leg was cut off in the accident). They are very confident she will have a complete recovery and live a full happy life.”

The dogs are continuing with their treatments, and it is through the generosity of many people, that Zoey and Bella are receiving the best care possible.

“Bella had her tail surgery yesterday to close what little tail she had left. She was strong enough today that we were able to transport her to Kansas State for her femur repair. The Doctors at K-State loved Bella and said they expect her to be back to her usual self a few days after surgery.”

The dogs are being treated at the El Paso Animal Hospital.

DONATE HERE: and follow updates too.

Please share this with others, and if you are able to donate any amount, know that the Brewer family will be appreciated. You can also contact the @ElPaso animal hospital and donate directly to their account by calling 316-788-1000.
Check out the reunion with the dogs at a happier time:

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