Dog left with no food or water at abandoned home for days with his legs wrapped in chains

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An abandoned dog left for four days with no food or water; his neck and hind legs wrapped in chains, was rescued on Thursday by volunteers from the Humane Society of the Delta.

Meet Freedom. When found, the dog was so weak, his rescuers were not sure he would even survive as they rushed him to their partner veterinarian. Watch his rescue video:

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The chains around Freedom’s legs had been cutting off his circulation. He wasn’t able to get away, and all he could do was to lie in the dirt, the heat, the hot sun and just watch. Two other puppies were also left behind, but they were left unchained and were able to move around and protect themselves while scavenging to survive.

Veterinarians treated Freedom. He was sedated, cleaned and treated for his injuries. He will be recovering with Reta. His optimistic update and accompanying video posted on Friday morning was certainly heartwarming:

“We are so happy to be sharing this video. Our sweet Freedom is having a great morning. You can see his sedative has worn off, and his lethargy has lessened. The swelling in his feet is beginning to go down, and we think he is on the right track to healing. He will have a close eye on him, and continued vet care, but we are pleased with his progress so far.”

To help with Freedom’s veterinarian costs and his recovery, donations can be made by clicking here.

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