‘Megapod’ of more than 100 humpback whales surround boat off Australia waters

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Incredible footage has been released by the owner of Sapphire Coastal Adventures showing more than 100 humpback whales surrounding a boat off the coast of Australia. The whales had been feeding on a large bait ball (tightly packed school of fish) about 236 miles from Sydney.

According to Yahoo Finance, Simon Millar, the owner of the Sapphire Coastal Adventures, had been leading a team training exercise with his staff on September 9 when they encountered the incredible sight of the whales slapping their tails in the ocean herding the huge school of fish.

“The big smell, fish everywhere, whales busting up through it. Now the whales on the outside were slapping their tails, sorting of herding the bait in together and then the whales coming up and sort of busting up all over the place,” Miller told the Reuters news agency. “It’s pretty incredible stuff.”

Every year between April and November, pods of whales swim north from the Antarctic where they spend summers feeding in the subtropical waters where they mate and give birth. Whales have been known to migrate more than 6,000 miles, and their pure majesty attracts thousands of visitors to adjoining coastal towns.

Millar stated the whales have been feeding more than usual and says it may be because of a shortage of food from over fishing. Sadly, humans are in competition with the whales for food, and the whales are being forced to move to other areas in their search to survive and raise their young.

Check out the incredible video:


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