Grammy nominated singer Jaheim charged with 15 dogs found in ‘varying stages of emaciation’ in his home

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Grammy nominated R&B singer Jaheim was arrested over the weekend after authorities discovered 15 dogs in “varying stages of emaciation” at his home on September 6.

According to the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office, Jaheim Hoagland, 43, was charged by New Jersey police with animal cruelty; one dog had to be euthanized and the other 14 have been released to Long Hill Kennel in Hillsborough. He faces third-degree animal cruelty and failure to provide necessary care to an animal charges.

The Hillsborough Township Police Department responded to a report of a puppy in distress at Jaheim’s home. When authorities arrived, they found six dogs in crates in the driveway of Jaheim’s home. One of the dogs had been unresponsive after he was discovered in a water-filled crate. The dog subsequently was euthanized.

“Additional dogs were found inside of separate crates which were partially filled with several inches of water and dog feces.

“…Two of the recovered dogs were transported to AnimERge veterinarian for emergency treatment due to their poor condition.”

Prosecutor’s Office

While police were helping the dogs left on the driveway, nine more dogs were found starving inside of the home with no access to either food or water. The dogs included 12 mixed-breed pit bull type terriers, two American Staffordshire terriers and one boxer.

“Defendant Hoagland was placed under arrest for an unrelated Somerset County Violation of Probation Warrant, along with two active Municipal Court Warrants from Hillsborough Township and Newark, New Jersey.”

Prosecutor’s Office

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Anyone still wondering WHY African Americans are beaten, tased and shot by police more than any others? When YOU allow your own to go around and do THIS kind of TORTURE to ANIMALS on a REGULAR BASIS, it’s BOUND to give YOU a reputation. THIS is also WHY some white people FREAK out at just YOUR presence, because they’ve SEEN YOU do this REPEATEDLY as they watch YOU LAUGH at the misery YOU cause. I am NOT a racist, but seriously WHO in their right mind would want to share a community with THAT criminal element EVERYWHERE? Huh?, WHO! White people are guilty of this too, but not ANYWHERE near the numbers that people of color are; that is a FACT, not me making claims. These records are PUBLIC.


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